The Right Gifts

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The Right Gifts

The importance of good corporate gifting is often overlooked in today’s hustle and bustle. Stick your logo on a mug or notebook, and you’re good to go, right? What if we told you, that the practice of good corporate gifting actually has a much bigger impact to your company or organization?

It’s a tradition that can be traced back to the dawn of human civilization. From Ancient Rome, to the heights of the Malacca Sultanate, emissaries would be sent to more powerful empires bearing tributes and political gifts – to strengthen bonds between allies or seek protection.

The Right Gifts

The Right Gifts: ‘Just think of it as paying tribute to your stakeholders’

Your brand or organization shouldn’t be any different. In your scenario, replace the powerful empires with your stakeholders – long term, loyal customers; employees; stockists; distributors; alumni; the people that help make your brand or organization what it is today. Would YOU be satisfied if all your hard work and loyalty is rewarded with everyday, ‘gift-shop’ souvenirs?

The Right Gifts

The Right Gifts: ‘Another USB stick? It’s 1TB or nothing!’

Most people aren’t made of aware of the inherent qualities of gold and silver as gifts – such as their long-term intrinsic value; as a great store of wealth, particularly in times of economic distress. A one-off, custom minted coin or bar will also fetch considerable numismatic attention due to its novelty, making it rare and highly collectible among in-the-know circles.

The Right Gifts

The Right Gifts: ‘Now don’t you just feel a lot more appreciated?’

So why should you settle for ‘meh’ for your branding and organization? At very affordable rates, Nubex Precious Gifts can help you create timeless and cherished gifts for any of your commemorative events, special occasions or fundraising activities. Visit to start creating the proper tributes you and your stakeholders truly deserve.

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