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Worthless Paper – Tanah Melayu (Malaysia)

100 Dollar The Japanese Government

Issue Date: 1943-1944

Printer: Yokohama Specie Bank

Watermark: Kiri Flower

Obverse: Village House

Reverse: Farmer with 2 Buffalos

Issued Paper: Woven Paper & Normal Paper

In 1943, Tanah Melayu had experienced the highest economic crisis and inflation in its history. The Japanese was no longer possess gold yet the money was printed endlessly! Apart from that, the currency value fell drastically each time Japan lose in war to America in Asia and Pacific from 1943 until 1945. During that time, people in Tanah Melayu was forced to replace their staple food, from rice to tapioca as Tapioca (ubi kayu) was amongst the food that were cheap and affordable.  Imagine, the prices of goods at that time had increased from a few Dollar to thousands Dollar!

At the end of year 1944, Japanese currency value in Tanah Melayu was increasingly declining. The value was obviously devalued until the money cannot even being used to buy anything. Due to that, Japanese was forced to produce the second inflation money which are 1000 Dollar and 100 Dollar (different design; rubber tapper) to facilitate trading. However, the money was so worthless; it can no longer be used due to the end of Japanese ruling in Tanah Melayu.



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