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For many years, I’ve described black markets not as the evil danger to economies that governments profess them to be, but as predictable and sensible reactions to the overregulation of official markets. Black markets appear whenever an official market has become overregulated or otherwise unworkable due to governmental interference. They then thrive in direct proportion to the failure of official markets to function freely. They are, in fact, both a barometer and a checks-and-balances system for official markets. Back in 2008, I commented on the growth of the black market in Zimbabwe,Read More
For decades citizenry has been fooled to participate in a paper scam (government fiat). It’s a ticking time bomb before the majority realizes that their currency (that they expend all their energy for) is a horrible store of value. We have seen plenty of examples in the recent past where a countries currency experiences a death spiral which eventually leads to hyperinflation where the velocity of the currency in circulation explodes. Where paper notes turn into a hot potato and the only thing people want to do is get rid of it as quickly asRead More

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What is Hyperinflation? (with Malay subs)

For more information and the latest news about our economic conditions, visit: www.nubex.org Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nubexers Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nubex_my/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/nubextwit Can you imagine using your paper money as a wallpaper to decorate your house or burn them to provide heat during wintertime? Well, that’s what happened in Weimar Germany from 1921 to 1924 when its currency, the Mark, lost its value. This period when the concept of inflation is rendered meaningless is known as the period of “Hyperinflation”. In recent times, hyperinflation occurred in places like Zimbabwe andRead More
By: Farhah Aziz Zimbabwe; a landlocked country known for Victoria Falls, Robert Mugabe and indeed the hyperinflation crisis. Who hasn’t heard of the infamous phase of hyperinflation crisis plaguing the country in the late ‘90s stretching into early 2000s? The annual inflation rate was indeed extremely staggering with a record high, 500 billion per cent as of 2009, ranked the highest in the world. So, what has caused this economic chaos to happen in the first place and where is this southern African economy heading to in the future? “Indigenization”Read More