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The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is a mere startup among development lenders — but already has a global footprint. Kicking off its second annual conference in the Korean resort island of Jeju on Friday, the bank can now boast a loan book of $2.5 billion, capped by new projects in India, Georgia and Tajikistan announced on Thursday. Now as 77 members back investments from a gas pipeline in Azerbaijan to a power plant in India, the institution can with some justification claim to be taking its place among established bodies like the Japan-led Asian DevelopmentRead More
By: Farhah Aziz Zimbabwe; a landlocked country known for Victoria Falls, Robert Mugabe and indeed the hyperinflation crisis. Who hasn’t heard of the infamous phase of hyperinflation crisis plaguing the country in the late ‘90s stretching into early 2000s? The annual inflation rate was indeed extremely staggering with a record high, 500 billion per cent as of 2009, ranked the highest in the world. So, what has caused this economic chaos to happen in the first place and where is this southern African economy heading to in the future? “Indigenization”Read More