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As the Federal Reserve prepares to begin paring the size of its $4.5 trillion balance sheet next month, analysts at Deutsche Bank on Wednesday warned that what they have dubbed the “great central bank unwind” is one of several candidates for creating the next financial crisis. “When looking for the next financial crisis, it’s hard to escape from the fact that we’re seemingly in the early stages of the ‘great unwind’ of global monetary stimulus at the same time as global debt remains at all-time highs following an increase overRead More

Posted On April 13, 2017By HoudiniIn Articles

The End of Ultra-Easy Money?

After eight years of extremely loose monetary policy, the economy is great again and we are to enter into a post-stimulative era of monetary policy. So said Yellen at a recent discussion at the University of Michigan. In her words, the Fed had given the economy all the “oomph [they] possibly could” and it was time to “allow” the economy to coast along. [ZH: If GDP forecasts for Q1 are correct, this will be the weakest economy since 1987 in which rates were increased. In fact this could be the lowest sinceRead More