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Pengalaman pertama saya jual barang dengan emas ialah pada tahun 2007. Saya jual kereta kedua saya dengan emas. Dia beri saya 100g emas, lepas tu terus tukar nama. Sahabat saya Bakhtiar Abd Majid mesti ingat kenangan kereta tu. Selepas itu macam ada satu ketagihan jual barang dengan emas atau perak. Dari benda-benda kecik sampai benda besar, saya akan letak harga dalam emas atau perak, kemudian barulah pilihan2 lain. Sebab kadang2 bukan semua orang ada simpan emas atau perak. Beberapa tahun lepas, saya cuba buat kerja gila sikit. Saya offer kawanRead More
3 Stages of Malaysia : The 2018 1+1+1 Merdeka Dirham Silver Coin by Nubex
As Malaysians, we’ve experienced plenty of firsts despite our nation’s relatively short history. From gaining our independence; to the formation of our country; to a historic change in government just a few months back; there never seems to be a shortage of change for Malaysia. By now, many of you would’ve been familiar with that iconic image of our first ever Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, standing victoriously on the grandest stage of ’em all; with 1 hand raised up high, declaring the sovereignty of our lands byRead More

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Black is Pure : The Hajj 1439H / 2018 Silver Dirham Coin

When discussing the colour black, history has shown us that people will fall into one of these two camps – it’s either cool, brooding and sophisticated; or it’s the colour of evil, death, mourning, and bad luck. Today, we’re gonna explore an unfamiliar concept – linking black to purity. It might sound absurd at first, but when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. Before there was light, there was…? Before we embraced consciousness and existence, what was there for us? When we rest (both temporarily,Read More