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Most of us are pretty familiar with gold as jewelry, or as a solid long-term investment option. But have you wondered about the other uses of gold throughout the history of mankind? Let’s take a closer look at some of them. USES OF GOLD – CONSTRUCTION & ARCHITECTURE Perhaps the first thing that would come to mind is the usage of gold within the architecture of buildings and landmarks. From the tombs of ancient Egyptian Pharoahs; to places of worship; and even in modern architecture, a golden building (or evenRead More
You may ask: – Is this a good time to buy gold? – Or, is this a good time to sell gold? – How do I assess the gold market today? For a start, I believe we must understand the relationship between demand, supply and prices of gold. They are interrelated. For instance, high demand and low supply of gold would lead to an increase in gold prices over the long-term. The opposite is true. It is just basic economics. Thus, a good time to buy is usually when: –Read More
Three stock markets have never returned to the peaks they achieved in the years before the Asian financial crisis triggered a region-wide sell-off two decades ago. Japan’s Topix Index reached a record high in dollar terms in December 1989. On Tuesday, it was trading 29 percent lower. Thailand’s SET and Taiwan’s TWSE make up the trio of gauges that have failed to regain past glories since the 1997 crisis. One market that has performed well is South Korea. The Kospi Index soared above its pre-crisis peak in 2006 and reachedRead More
Nobody for President  On 17th July 2017, India will elect a new President through a vote of the elected representatives. The two real choices are between Ram Nath Kovind and Meira Kumar. Afraid of looking completely ignorant, I asked a few people who Kovind is. No-one knew of him and people only vaguely remembered Ms. Kumar. India will get a complete nobody as its next President. Both candidates are from the Indian province of Bihar. If it were a country, Bihar with its 119 million inhabitants would be the 12th most populated in theRead More
(June 16): Kim Dae-jung, the former president of South Korea, once told me a story that perfectly captures the spirit of reform that followed the 1997 Asian financial crisis. He was on an official trip to Vietnam when a panicked visitor from Seoul sought an audience. It was Kim Woo-choong, the flamboyant founder of Daewoo Group, then Korea’s second-largest business house. Over breakfast in Hanoi, the businessman said his companies were spiralling towards financial ruin and begged the president for help. In the past, such an appeal probably would’ve worked.Read More
India’s central bank plans to use insolvency laws against more corporate defaulters to speed up resolution of the country’s bad loans that have swelled to $180 billion. “The clock’s already ticking — some cases are already before the National Company Law Tribune,” said Sanjeev Sanyal, principal economic adviser to the finance ministry. “More lists will be out in the next few months.” Cleaning up India’s stressed loans is the biggest priority of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, Sanyal said in an interview in New Delhi. The Reserve Bank of IndiaRead More
India, which vies with China as the world’s top consumer of bullion, is working on new policies to improve transparency and help expand its $19 billion gold jewelry industry, according to people with knowledge of the matter. The plans being worked out by the finance and commerce ministries along with industry groups should be finalized by the end of March, the people said, asking not to be identified because they aren’t authorized to speak publicly. D.S. Malik, spokesman for the finance ministry, didn’t answer calls to his cellphone. A spokeswomanRead More
The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is a mere startup among development lenders — but already has a global footprint. Kicking off its second annual conference in the Korean resort island of Jeju on Friday, the bank can now boast a loan book of $2.5 billion, capped by new projects in India, Georgia and Tajikistan announced on Thursday. Now as 77 members back investments from a gas pipeline in Azerbaijan to a power plant in India, the institution can with some justification claim to be taking its place among established bodies like the Japan-led Asian DevelopmentRead More
India’s banks have been ordered to use the country’s courts to resolve bad loans totaling about 2 trillion rupees ($31 billion) issued to 12 large debtors. The Reserve Bank of India told the banks to use insolvency laws to find a solution for the debtors, which account for a quarter of the country’s total bad loans, before moving on to resolve the other problem accounts within six months, according to a statement posted on the central bank’s website late Tuesday. Indian banks have among the world’s worst stressed-asset ratios withRead More
China has single-handedly reshaped the global agricultural commodity-supply chain in the 21st century. The combination of more mouths to feed with even faster-growing wealth in the world’s most populous nation has made China a magnet for farm goods, especially from the U.S., which now sells more of its harvest to China than any other country. The share of farm commodities shipped overseas—ranging from corn, soybeans and wheat to cotton, coffee and rubber—that China has imported has gone from 5.4 percent in 2000 to 21 percent in 2015. The $48.3 billionRead More