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“I am no Mussolini,” Venezuela’s beleaguered President Nicolas Maduro insisted on television early this month. But if things go on this way, he could end up like Mussolini. That would be very unfortunate for him and also for Venezuela. The daily street protests against Maduro’s rule are in their second month, and around 40 people have already been killed, most of them by the police. “Molotov cocktails” (fire-bombs) are old hat; the new fashion is for “poopootovs” — containers of human or animal excrement that are thrown at the security forces. Nobody knows when itRead More
More than a year after hyperinflating banana republic Venezuela stopped reporting official inflation data, Venezuela has stopped publishing money supply data, depriving the general public of the last, and best, available tool to ascertain soaring inflation in what has become the world’s worst-performing economy. Then again, one hardly needs official data to confirm the blistering wave of hyperinflation sweeping through the nation which has seen the value of the bolivar disintegrate under the Maduro regime. The money supply indicator suddenly stopped appearing on the central bank’s website on Feb. 24.Read More
Venezuelan socialists finally did it. They helped Venezuela catch up with North Korea in economic freedom, that is. That’s according to the recent 2017 Index of Economic Freedom ranking, which places Venezuela in 179th position — next to North Korea, which occupies the 180th. Published by the Heritage Foundation, the Economic Freedom report measures such things as trade freedom, business freedom, investment freedom, and the degree of property rights protection in 180 countries actually ranked. Venezuela is also catching up with North Korea in corruption, while it is well ahead in inflation, which runsRead More
By: Farhah Aziz As you turn on your TV channels or browse through your daily newspaper articles, stories about Venezuela’s crippling economy is omnipresent. There is no war or intense political conflict in Venezuela. Then why do we see miles-long queue of people trying to purchase basic goods or why thousands of Venezuelans are taking the risk of crossing the borders to seek a better life in neighboring Colombia or even the Portuguese-speaking Brazil? WHY IS THERE AN ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IN VENEZUELA? Just a few years ago, Venezuela was cited to beRead More