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Siri 1 : Latarbelakang Harga Emas

Siri 1 : Latarbelakang Harga Emas Sebelum kita berbincang tentang harga emas di Malaysia, pembeli perlu tahu tentang harga emas dunia. Ya, bagaimana harga emas dirujuk, dari mana sumbernya, siapa yang menetapkan harganya? Dalam dunia hari ini, emas dianggap sebagai sebahagian dari komoditi seperti petroleum, kelapa sawit, getah, gula, dan lain-lain yang mana harganya sentiasa diapungkan di pasaran terbuka. Antara pasaran terbesar yang dijadikan rujukan harga emas ialah pasaran lani (spot market) dan pasaran hadapan (futures market) yang dikenali juga sebagai pasaran derivatif. Pasaran hadapan ini didagangkan di pelbagai bursaRead More

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Emas catat harga paling tinggi sejak 2011

Harga emas hari ini mencatat kenaikan paling tinggi sejak 2011 selepas mencecah AS$1,520 (RM6,355) untuk satu auns atau RM204 (kos kadar) untuk satu gram bagi emas 916. Kenaikan ini merupakan hampir 30 peratus berbanding harga emas pada bulan Julai iaitu hanya dalam AS$1,100 (RM4,600) kepada AS$1,200 (RM5,020) untuk satu auns. “Kita memang jangka harga emas akan naik pada bulan ini (Ogos). Tetapi, kita tidak menjangka ia akan menaik sehigga 30 peratus. “Pakar analisis industri menjangka harga emas akan terus naik sehingga AS$1750 dalam masa terdekat,” kata Abdul Rasul Abdul Razak,Read More

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Most of us are pretty familiar with gold as jewelry, or as a solid long-term investment option. But have you wondered about the other uses of gold throughout the history of mankind? Let’s take a closer look at some of them. USES OF GOLD – CONSTRUCTION & ARCHITECTURE Perhaps the first thing that would come to mind is the usage of gold within the architecture of buildings and landmarks. From the tombs of ancient Egyptian Pharoahs; to places of worship; and even in modern architecture, a golden building (or evenRead More

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So you’ve decided to invest in physical gold or silver bullion. But with so many types and sizes to choose from, where do you start? Bigger? Smaller? Let’s find out why a 1 Oz coin is the best option for most investing needs. WHY INVEST IN 1 OZ GOLD AND SILVER COINS – COINS OR BULLIONS? A quick browse on our website,, tells you that there are many different ways people are able to store their wealth via gold and silver. There are bullion cast bars, minted bars, 1Read More

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Those venturing into the world of gold and silver bullion trade for the first time might be unfamiliar with the concepts of “premium” and “spot price”. What exactly are they and how will it affect the price of gold and silver products? Let us take a closer look at what it really means when we talk about the premium and spot price of gold and silver products. PREMIUM AND SPOT PRICE  OF GOLD AND SILVER PRODUCTS – WHAT ARE THEY? As a globally traded commodity, the prices of gold andRead More
Physical gold versus other gold investments

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So you’re ready to diversify your portfolio with gold investment. The question on your mind now would be if you should invest in physical gold, or are the other types of gold investments available are just as good, if not better, than investing in the real thing? Let’s find out. Physical Gold versus other Gold Investments – Physical vs “Paper” So there’s physical gold; bullion bars, coins, jewelry…basically anything you can hold and touch. And then there’s everything else. From gold mining stocks to ETFs, these forms of investment areRead More

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Cakes, candles and……coins?

It’s that time of the month again!  Yes, Nubex’s latest zodiac monster silver coin is finally here! Unleashing Leo, based on the constellation of Leo, this zodiac silver coin collection offers you the chance to embrace the mysterious, dark inner side of yourself. Move over cakes, candles and the conventional gift items, collector coins are THE gift item of the season! The silver coin Leo, part of the Zodiac Monster collection released recently by Nubex has been catching our eyes. And here are several reasons why it should be catchingRead More
In 2008, we had the Global Financial Crisis. Stocks tanked. Gold rose rapidly. It has ignited a global rush to get the yellow metal. This includes central banks, billionaires, and millions of individual investors worldwide. After all, gold is regarded as a safe haven against a plausible economic disaster in the near future. This rush has also caught up in Malaysia. New establishments sprung up to capitalize on the growing appetite of gold among the locals. Evidently, we have more choices of dealers and brokers of precious metals and haveRead More

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Gold or Lego bricks?

Little did us Lego-noobs know, Lego is a pretty big thing out there! Derived from the Danish phrase, leg-godt, which means “play well’, Lego is an iconic evergreen brick-based toy set that is loved universally by kids and adults alike. How big is the market? AFOL which stands for Adult Fans of Lego is taking over the world, one brick at a time. With 400 million people purchasing LEGO annually and with 250,000 people in the grown-up Lego community alongside 150 international conventions, this market is nothing but HUGE! Look,Read More
Today, we are living in challenging times. Gone are the days when job security brings financial security. Millions realized that it now takes more than a fixed salary to get ahead financially. Thus, many begin to seek for investment opportunities to create additional sources of income and to build wealth. Regrettably, there is an emergence of con artists to deceive sincere investors of their capital. They appear in most, if not all, investment markets such as stocks, properties, private businesses, forex trading and gold. It is unfortunate that these opportunistsRead More