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Posted On December 13, 2017By Bullion TigerIn Articles

Four reasons why you shouldn’t count gold out just yet!

Remember gold? It seems like only six years ago the shiny metal was flavor of the month, hitting a record $1,900 a troy ounce while its backers prophesied the end of the fiat money system.  With bitcoin sucking up all the crazy in financial markets, gold looks to have lost its luster. The CBOE/Comex Gold Volatility Index, a rough proxy for the amount of fun and profit available for precious metal traders, touched a record low of 10.17 last month, from levels north of 37. That may be overdue aRead More
The Pew Research Center, a nonprofit think-tank in Washington, D.C., released a major report Monday on America’s shrinking middle class. Peter Schiff, the chief executive of Euro Pacific Capital, and a market pundit who often espouses what critics describe as a bearish outlook for the equity market, says the middle class has been gutted by over-regulation, an escalating cost of living and stagnant wages. This interview has been condensed for space: MarketWatch: You’re not exactly optimistic. Is that a fair assessment? Peter Schiff: The American middle class used to be envy of theRead More

Posted On April 4, 2017By HoudiniIn News

Venezuela’s Money Supply Soars By A Record 200%

Two weeks ago, Reuters reported that due to “unexplained” reasons, the Venezuela central bank had stopped publishing its M2, or money supply, data.  The M2 money supply was up by nearly 180% in mid-February from a year earlier, according to the central bank before it halted the release of the weekly data without explanation in February. “If they are not publishing, you know it must be skyrocketing,” Aurelio Concheso, director of the Caracas-based business consultancy Aspen Consulting, stated the obvious. The central bank and ministry of communications did not respond to aRead More

Posted On March 31, 2017By Ahmed Razman Abdul LatiffIn Featured Writers

The Unnatural Nature of Fiat Money

Imagine if you are doing this experiment; walk along the mall’s corridor while holding a packet of rice and approach the first shop assistant you see. Take out a piece of RM10 from your wallet and ask him or her which one is money; the rice or the RM10 note? Most of the time there is a good chance that they will choose the note. Now, imagine if you are repeating this experiment with someone who lives in the rural area but in another country. This time the outcome mightRead More
By: Farhah Aziz Zimbabwe; a landlocked country known for Victoria Falls, Robert Mugabe and indeed the hyperinflation crisis. Who hasn’t heard of the infamous phase of hyperinflation crisis plaguing the country in the late ‘90s stretching into early 2000s? The annual inflation rate was indeed extremely staggering with a record high, 500 billion per cent as of 2009, ranked the highest in the world. So, what has caused this economic chaos to happen in the first place and where is this southern African economy heading to in the future? “Indigenization”Read More