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How long can it last? That’s what watchers of Hong Kong’s markets are asking as the gap between local and U.S. interbank rates widens to the most since 2009. The city’s currency peg to the greenback effectively ties its monetary policy to that of the U.S., making the growing differential all the more curious. Now things may be changing, with forward points and interest-rate swaps in Hong Kong’s dollar starting to bottom out. The reasoning is simple: with the currency having fallen to the middle of its permitted band andRead More

Posted On April 3, 2017By HoudiniIn News

A Pullback in Asian Stocks Looms: Fund Managers

A pullback in Asian equities looms after a stellar start to the year, according to fund managers, who remain bullish for the longer term thanks to cheap valuations and optimism that the region will benefit from improving global growth. While managers see strong fundamentals, they ticked off several risks that may weigh in the second quarter, from French elections and Brexit to U.S. interest rates, as well as Donald Trump’s stance on protectionism and his ability to steer his agenda through Congress. “We are cautiously optimistic, but there a lots of thingsRead More