The Nubex Custom Minting Service

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However You Want It – The Nubex Custom Minting Service

Let’s face it – more often than not, gifts that are given out during corporate events or anniversaries for institutions aren’t that great. ‘Pick an item that doesn’t cost much, and just slap on the company’s logo and event details’, right?

Here at Nubex, we believe that shouldn’t be the case. A great gift should be timeless, long-lasting and add value to both the giver and receiver alike.

That is where the Nubex Custom Minting Service comes in.

Our goal was simple. We wanted to offer companies, institutions and individuals a chance to create their own personalised memento, minted from precious metals (i.e. gold and silver) for annual dinners, gatherings, anniversary celebrations and so on, at a very affordable price.

Before we go further, you might be wondering, so why would a piece of silver or gold make a better gift?

The Nubex Custom Minting Service

The Nubex Custom Minting Service – 2017 Employee Appreciation Day Silver Coin for FELDA

Well, for one, there’s a sense of exclusivity when one is given gold or silver. The intrinsic value of precious metals alone is worth the price of admission – receivers can actually keep it as an investment for the preservation of their wealth. They’ll also be able to keep it for a MUCH longer time (compared to, say, an umbrella or a mug – once it breaks, it’s gone).

‘That’s all well and good, but what about the company or institution that’s actually handing these out’, you might say. Firstly, giving out a bar or coin made of precious metals will actually give a better impact to your branding. Think about it, if you’re gonna stamp your brand on anything, wouldn’t it be better if it was on a piece of gold or silver?

The Nubex Custom Minting Service

The Nubex Custom Minting Service – ‘Find The Gold’ Gold bar for A&W

It will also show that you highly value and appreciate the receivers; be it shareholders, staff, customers, alumni members and so on, which in turn will improve their loyalty and relationship with you, the organisation.

Did we mention that having your logo on a precious metal bar or coin will also help spread awareness about your brand to the precious metals community? Numismatic collectors will find value in your unique, one-off product which was custom minted for a particular event or celebration.

As far as experience is concerned, we have minted silver and gold products for the likes of Petronas, PKNS, A&W, FELDA and the list goes on. We owe this to our very skilled team of designers and craftsmen who will work tirelessly to realize your vision, down to every finite detail.

The Nubex Custom Minting Service

The Nubex Custom Minting Service – Gold bar for Bank Rakyat

Best of all, everything is done in house! In 2015, we acquired a jewelry factory which is equipped with all the necessary tools to allow us to mint our products. From the design, to the minting, to packaging and even delivery, we’ll help you create your one-off custom creation from start to finish.

Psst, doing everything in house also means you get to enjoy VERY affordable prices. Plus, our minimum order amount is as low as just 50 pieces!

If you’re interested to add a wow-factor to your upcoming event, you can contact the Nubex Custom Minting Service here.

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