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Don’t miss out on the newest and coolest silver coin on the block!

Because your SEA games Kuala Lumpur 2017 is simply INCOMPLETE without a 9th ASEAN Para Games coin! Yes, you heard right! For Kuala Lumpur 2017, Nubex did not only produce the bimetal 29th SEA games but also a very silvery one for the 9th ASEAN Para Games. This 1 + 1 dirham was produced to commemorate the 9th ASEAN Para Games that is held from 17th to the 23rd of September this year.

Here we have listed down a few reasons why you should enter the game early for this one:

Only 2000 pieces of them were minted!

Now we have seen what disappointment looks like in not getting your hands on any Nubex product once it runs out! Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you for this one too! Since only 2000 pieces are minted for this 1 + 1 dirham, there is definitely a HIGH risk of this cool thing running out way too soon. Sold at a VERY reasonable price, this limited edition coin needs to be grabbed quick once its out. Big sporting events are not held all the time in this country, so secure your precious metal souvenir gift pronto! We guess the survival of the fittest will be the rule of thumb here!

1 + 1 dirham masterpiece

A silver coin within a silver coin? What could be more sleek than that?

Created with the idea of affordability and uniqueness packed into one, this masterpiece is a MUST-HAVE souvenir item for the 9th ASEAN Para Games 2017. Creating a difference in the sporting souvenir arena, this is indeed a valuable piece of history given its 999.0 pure silver purity status. Plus, it’s detachable so you’re essentially getting 2 coins in 1? What more could you ask for?

Value for Money + Elegant Piece of History

These are not the best of financial times. In fact, we all have our share our grievances when it comes to our financial situations today. But, at the same time we surely should not be given the chance to miss securing such a beautiful piece of history right?

Offered at ONLY RM35 per piece, this coin is a perfect piece that allows you to store your wealth in a different way while simultaneously just look pretty and shiny sitting on your souvenir rack. Now, that’s how we define AWESOME!

Now that’s 3 STRONG reasons why this limited edition 1 + 1 dirham 9th ASEAN Para Games should be yours to grab! Pre order your piece at now until 24th of September 2017. Get in the Nubex hype! It’s REAL!


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