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2017 Taurus Zodiac 1/10 oz silver coin by Nubex
This month, we continue our coverage of our 2017 Zodiac Monster series with this next entry, the 2017 Taurus Zodiac 1/10 oz silver coin by Nubex. ZODIAC MONSTER SERIES: THE 2017 TAURUS ZODIAC 1/10 OZ SILVER COIN BY NUBEX – PRODUCT BACKGROUND Inspired by gaming and fantasy elements, the well known Zodiac symbols have been transformed beyond recognition, offering a fresh yet twisted take on a familiar coin theme. As with all our Zodiac Monsters coins, each Zodiac symbol has its own backstory to explain how these creatures came to be.Read More
Silver-gold ratio

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The Silver-Gold Ratio

Those new to the world of precious metals investment might not be too familiar with the term, but goldbugs and silver stackers alike have often relied on the silver-gold ratio to help them with their precious metals investment. So what exactly is the silver-gold ratio? What is the silver-gold ratio? To break it down simply, the silver-gold ratio refers to the number of silver ounces it takes to buy a single ounce of gold. This system has actually been in place for thousands of years, with some experts believing thatRead More
The Nubex Custom Minting Service
Let’s face it – more often than not, gifts that are given out during corporate events or anniversaries for institutions aren’t that great. ‘Pick an item that doesn’t cost much, and just slap on the company’s logo and event details’, right? Here at Nubex, we believe that shouldn’t be the case. A great gift should be timeless, long-lasting and add value to both the giver and receiver alike. That is where the Nubex Custom Minting Service comes in. Our goal was simple. We wanted to offer companies, institutions and individualsRead More

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Why Silver ?

We’ll be posing a simple question that might be on most of your minds, especially if you’re new to the world of precious metals investment – ‘why should I even bother investing in Silver? If gold is worth the time and patience, why should I settle for the literal representation of second place?’. Let’s break down some reasons why silver is still a valuable commodity to have in your portfolio. 1. A good entry point into precious metals As some of you might have already realised when browsing on,Read More
Trimetal Coin Rejab 2018 by Nubex

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Now on its 7th release, Nubex’s Trimetal coin series continues to wow collectors and Dirham/Dinar users alike with its impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail. This month, we’ll be taking a look at the Trimetal Coin Rejab 2018 by Nubex. TRIMETAL COIN REJAB 2018 BY NUBEX – ABOUT THE MONTH Roughly translated as ‘to respect’, Rejab is one of the 4 sacred months in which battles and warfare are prohibited in Islam, a tradition that stems back from pre-Islamic days in the Arabic peninsula. Of course the month’s significant eventRead More

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Most of us are pretty familiar with gold as jewelry, or as a solid long-term investment option. But have you wondered about the other uses of gold throughout the history of mankind? Let’s take a closer look at some of them. USES OF GOLD – CONSTRUCTION & ARCHITECTURE Perhaps the first thing that would come to mind is the usage of gold within the architecture of buildings and landmarks. From the tombs of ancient Egyptian Pharoahs; to places of worship; and even in modern architecture, a golden building (or evenRead More

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The phrase ‘market liquidity’ would often pop up when discussing the fluctuating prices of tradable commodities, especially when we talk about gold. But what exactly is ‘market liquidity’, and how is it determined? GOLD MARKET LIQUIDITY – WHAT IS MARKET LIQUIDITY? To put it simply, it refers to how fast and easy it is for an asset to be bought and sold at stable prices. A good example of a liquid market would be when the price a buyer would offer for a commodity (or the bid price) is fairlyRead More

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As part of our popular Dirham Masjid series, the Masjid Al-Aqsa 1 Dirham Silver Coin 2017 by Nubex continues the series’ tradition of paying homage to famous mosques around the world. Let’s dive in and take a closer look. MASJID AL-AQSA 1 DIRHAM SILVER COIN 2017 BY NUBEX – A BRIEF HISTORY The Al-Aqsa Mosque, better known as Baitul Maqdis among most Muslims, is another significant landmark in the Islamic faith, being the third holiest site in Islam. Located in Jerusalem, the site of the mosque is mentioned specifically inRead More
Birthday Precious Cards By Nubex

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Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if greeting cards came with something a ‘lil extra?’. In keeping with our mission to promote the preservation of wealth through investing in precious metals, we managed to do just that with our Precious Cards line, incorporating gold and silver as a perfect gift for loved ones. For today, we’ll be taking a look at our line of Birthday Precious Cards by Nubex. BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS CARDS BY NUBEX – The Precious Cards concept. Each Precious Card comes with an integratedRead More
Laughing Buddha Silver Coin 2018 By Nubex

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At Nubex, we believe in having a wide variety of gold and silver products – from coins, to minted bars, dirham and dinar coins, and more. In an effort to diversify our offerings even further, Nubex is proud to release the Laughing Buddha Silver Coin 2018 by Nubex. Let’s take a closer look at the new offering. LAUGHING BUDDHA SILVER COIN 2018 BY NUBEX – INSPIRED BY FENG SHUI The inspiration for the Laughing Buddha Silver Coin 2018 by Nubex came from the concept of the Laughing Buddha’s namesake –Read More