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Cakes, candles and……coins?

It’s that time of the month again!  Yes, Nubex’s latest zodiac monster silver coin is finally here! Unleashing Leo, based on the constellation of Leo, this zodiac silver coin collection offers you the chance to embrace the mysterious, dark inner side of yourself.

Move over cakes, candles and the conventional gift items, collector coins are THE gift item of the season!

The silver coin Leo, part of the Zodiac Monster collection released recently by Nubex has been catching our eyes. And here are several reasons why it should be catching yours too:

  1. Limited worldwide mintage

  2. Look. When a business says it’s producing a limited edition product, you BETTER grab it. And grab it FAST! Because once it’s sold out, there is simply no turning back. This limited edition Leo silver coin is minted ONLY in 3000 unique pieces. No more and no less. So, grab it fast while it’s still in stock, a perfect thoughtful gift for you near and dear. Precious metals for a gift? Who would say no to that? Not only does it look elegant in anyone’s birthday gift collection, but it will also come in handy if one needs to use it as a currency one day (let’s pray for that shall we?)

    2. Perfect memorabilia items  

Certainly. Some memories are better engraved. And what better way to engrave that special date of the year either yours or your loved ones (who says you can’t buy a gift for yourself?) in a silver coin? Comes in a dramatic tag card design, this Leo silver coin is unique, exclusive and simply an unforgettable piece of gift. Besides, who wouldn’t want a sparkling silver coin standing out on their gift shelf?

  1. People LOVE this product!

Yes, indeed! Yep, we know zodiacs are not everyone’s cup of tea. But, surprise, surprise people do actually love this product! “Tak kenal maka tak cinta” (only by knowing can one falls in love) right? A recent OPEN HOUSE NUBEX 2017 saw people flocking by the sales booth to grab the special zodiac monster silver coin for their loved ones. Some bought them for their families and some for their friends and there were also those that bought the complete set! So, what are you doing sitting there? Buy it fast at

  1. It’s about time that you embrace your DARKER side!

With a world that demands monotony and prescribed a lofty set of expectations on how you should act, talk and think, an avenue that allows you to embrace a different shade to yourself is always welcomed. This zodiac monster silver coin certainly does! Priding itself on the mysterious, dark concept, this silver coin offers an alternative way of looking at one’s personalities. I mean we don’t always have to be polite, warm and fuzzy right? What’s wrong with being a little uptight, giving a little bit of attitude and wanting to “roar” once in a while, just like Leo would?

  1. You’ll be getting the best of the best!

As a pioneer of online bullion trading, Nubex products are best-known for their high quality products. This limited edition Leo silver coin is no exception! Part of the Zodiac Monsters collection released in November last year, Leo is the 7th edition in the series. Measuring 25mm in diameter with the weight of 3.11g, this silver coin is laced with a 999.0 pure silver finishing complete with a vibrant tag card design and a certificate. With a floating price between RM17 – RM21 (subject to the daily silver spot price), this silver coin is not only the best in quality but best in value too! Now, who doesn’t want in on that? I know I do!

And, no worries, in a case of tight cash, this silver coin can always be sold back depending on the daily spot price of silver! So, while in stock, grab this fast from Nubex e-commerce site,

For further information and to check out the video animation of each zodiac monster, visit


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