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6 decades Merdeka with a silvery twist

Amidst our busy lifestyles, we seldom remember how far our country has gone in achieving and safeguarding our precious independence. With countless high-rise buildings, endless technological and physical development this beloved country of ours has undergone and will continue to undergo, it’s only right that this 60 years of independence is encapsulated in a precious way. Precisely, in a 1 dirham + 1 dirham Nubex 60 TAHUN KEMERDEKAAN silver coin!

Nubex prides itself in always striving to create a difference. And this time, boy doesn’t it get any different than a 2 dirham coin that can be broken down into a 1 dirham + 1 dirham separate coins? Interesting much?

Well, here are some interesting facts about this special edition coin:

  1. The world’s FIRST 1 Dirham + 1 Dirham

Now, have you ever come across a coin name with a plus sign in it? Well, we never. But, this time, it’s there for a reason. In commemoration of Malaysia’s 60 years of independence, Nubex has come up with a detachable 2 dirham coin which in turn can be separated into 1 dirham + 1 dirham. It’s basically the world’s FIRST! And we’re not bragging! For a unique and rare piece of collectibles in your 6 decades of Merdeka collection this year, this dirham coin is totally a not-to-be-missed merchandise item of the year! 


2.  A MUST-HAVE memento for Malaysia’s diamond jubilee!

It’s kinda a tradition that when a country celebrates her jubilee years, a rightful commemorative merchandise is produced and be kept as a piece of memorabilia. For Malaysia’s diamond jubilee this year, Nubex has followed the footsteps of many independent nations previously by producing a precious metal memento.  Featuring the image of the Tugu Negara (the National Monument) to showcase the sacrifices of the national warriors and Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of Glory) on the outer ring of the coin, this unique 2 dirham coin is a perfect representation of what 6 decades of Malaysia’s memorabilia should look like!

3. Brand NEW packaging, brand new SPIRIT!

With a brand NEW packaging in town, this should overwhelm you with a brand NEW spirit for this coming Merdeka too! Featuring a flip blister packaging that comes in vibrant colour themes featuring sketches of Malaysians of all races and religions, this product packaging certainly displays our one strength that keep us together all these years; our DIVERSITY.

4. Something out of nothing

People often ask what’s the point of buying silver if the resell value is way too low? Why don’t we just buy gold with its higher resell values? Well, the point is to encourage you to protect your wealth as much as you can! This 2 dirham might be small in value but just with you buying this, without you realizing it, you’ve amassed quite a big chuck of silver metal in your collection. And that’s what we call BRILLIANT INVESTMENT!

5. Out of stock in just 30 mins!

Yes. That’s right! With only 3000 exclusive pieces minted, this year’s Merdeka piece of memento by Nubex was selling better than pisang goreng! With the recent launching of the product on the 7th of August complete with an FB live taking place in Tugu Negara (the National Monument) that ended with an acapella version of the latest original Merdeka song by Nubex, the product was certainly everyone’s favourite! For those of you who might have missed the chance to purchase the product, we bid you better luck next year and make sure you sit right in front of the PC before the launching time and quickly buy the product once its launched. Because in Nubex there’s no guarantee if there will be any left for you! But, hey fret not! Nubex has outlined several other upcoming HOT products coming out very soon. So, keep yourself updated through following their social media accounts on Facebook at @nubexers and on Instagram @nubex_my for the latest product release and for any special announcements!


And click HERE to check out the Nubex MERDEKA song!

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