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5 things you NEED to know about the first ever bimetal coin for 29th SEA Games!

What is a sporting event without a unique and rare precious merchandise right? I mean it’s the same old thing. Keychains, mugs, t-shirt, etc. That’s why for this year Kuala Lumpur 29th SEA games, Nubex has decided to come up with a special edition bimetal coins in commemoration of the 29th SEA and 9th ASEAN Para games 2017.

Here are 5 things that you NEED to know about this limited edition product!


1. SEA games first-ever bimetal and dinar/dirham product!

Now, for those of you who are new to the precious metals world and jargons, bimetal here refers to two different types of precious metals (gold, silver, copper, rhodium, etc) made up into a coin. Oh yes! And you think that’s not possible 😛 As you can very well see with this product, it is made up of a dinar which is obviously gold surrounded by a dirham coin (yes, silver!) making it the first ever not only bimetal merchandise product for SEA games but the first dinar dirham merchandise product the world has ever seen.


2. It is made up of 0.53125 gram of pure 9999 GOLD and 2.975 gram of pure 999 SILVER

As you know or might not know, there is a variation in the purity of precious metals and this include gold and silver. This bimetal coin consisted of the dinar which is made up of 0.53125g of pure 9999 gold and 2.975g of pure 999 silver, the highest minting standard in the precious metals industry. Basically, you’ll be getting the best of the best!

3. The dinar and dirham are detachable!



Say what?! Yes, this bimetal coin is just increasing in its uniqueness. With its detachable feature, you can end up having 2 pieces of coins, a dinar and a dirham and trade them in at two different values. And let’s say when the world uses them as currencies (let’s pray for that soon), the detachable feature can basically get you 2 different things! How cool can 2in1 ever get?


4. It comes with brand NEW packaging

Let’s be honest! Who wouldn’t be excited for new things right? And we’re saying you SHOULD get excited with our NEW packaging. Comes in a beautifully crafted tag card design, this bimetal coin is also packaged in a unique blister packaging, making your Kuala Lumpur 29th SEA games merchandise collection more memorable and unforgettable!


5. Limited edition: Minted in 5000 pieces only!

We all love exclusivity. Admit it. Owning the same piece as everyone else just don’t do it for us. That’s why this Kuala Lumpur 29th SEA games bimetal coin is produced in limited quantity. Only 5000 pieces is produced for this special edition making your purchase VERY VERY exclusive! This limited edition collection is perfect for sporting fans, SEA games merchandise collectors as well as avid coin collectors!



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